Tanglefoot's Links


These are links to my favourite websites.

Some have helped me with material, some I just like.

Contact:  Send me an e-mail if you like my site!

Many Tears Animal Rescue.

A tremendous organisation providing a much needed service to ex-breeding dogs and those dogs on death row in the pounds.  They have dogs in foster all over the country - my boss is one of their fosterers.

Caleb's Corner A yellow lab with lots of stories
My Darn Dog Dobi - Queen of all Mayhem

I go to the vets at the Corsham Branch when I am not very well.  My doggy eye specialist normally sees me at the Chippenham surgery.

I am very lucky to have found a new home each time I have needed one.  Some of my friends are not so lucky so can you help with a new home or some sponsorship for a less fortunate dog?

Link to my favourite beer - Tanglefoot - what else?