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So what if I am wet and dirty?

After the Poodle Parlour. Short back and sides?

But I can still look really cute

And my ears flap in the breeze when I run

So this is a Christmas hamper is it?

What's round the other side?

Me sat at table for my Christmas Dinner

I don't care if my eyeballs do fry, I'm warm!

A why shouldn't I be under my mattress then?

January and my coat is growing back

Please play with me

Please, please play with me

Please, please, please play with me!

Helping my master restore his Morris 1000

Here's my paw now give me the biscuit!

Even after my bath I have to keep my nose wet

A bit dirty after ratting in the compost heap - who me?

My Christmas -
what's in here then?

My Christmas -
Give me the bag!

My Christmas -
Can I eat that?

Christmas 2005
Doggy mince pie, my favourite!

Christmas 2005
Better get stuck in then

Christmas 2005
Boy it's hard!

Christmas 2005
I'm winning!

Christmas 2005
I smell chocolate, please?

Christmas 2005
No chocolate, so I'll sulk in the curtains

Christmas 2005
Grandma brought me this

Relaxing in my master's seat after a hard Christmas

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