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I now have so many pictures that I must split my gallery into 3 pages.  This is page 1 - click on the links below to navigate between pages.

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CloseUp.jpg (31921 bytes)

Cute or what?

MyPatchofLongGrass.jpg (94831 bytes)

My patch of long grass

AGoodRoll.jpg (53148 bytes)

Can't beat a good roll

InTheDaffodils.jpg (73213 bytes)

In the daffodils this time

ThePond.jpg (65198 bytes)

The pond that I fell in

AfterMyShower.jpg (35376 bytes)

After a quick shower - thank you Steve

InTheBath.jpg (23163 bytes)

When I got home they put me in the bath

AfterMyBath.jpg (69383 bytes)

After the bath - bad hair day

HardDay.jpg (70425 bytes)

Sometimes it's hard just being a dog

Pathetic.jpg (84577 bytes)

After my operation - pathetic or what?

OnTheChair.jpg (43249 bytes)

I'm not allowed on the chair!

OnTheSettee.jpg (53426 bytes)

Or the settee!

WithAppleTree.jpg (37667 bytes)

Outside where I work - Adam's apple tree

CornerOfKitchen.jpg (30041 bytes)

Don't care if you are busy, I'm lying here!

InBlanket1.jpg (92178 bytes)

Go away, I'm asleep!

InBlanket2.jpg (89709 bytes)

Food, who said food?

AtWork.jpg (34660 bytes)

Busy at Work!  Who had that camera-phone?

OnSofa.jpg (51615 bytes)

If I look cute, will they let me stay on the sofa?

XmasTree2.jpg (87209 bytes)

Doesn't the Christmas tree look nice?

XmasTree1.jpg (48510 bytes)

Here I am asleep under it.  What's this 'mind the wire' thing?

mince_pie.jpg (51856 bytes)

Touch my mince pie and you will regret it!

on_dolly.jpg (62635 bytes)

My favourite spot

love_dolly.jpg (53157 bytes)

I love my dolly

Begging.jpg (65051 bytes)

There is food on that tray. Perhaps if I look cute?

BackofSettee.jpg (50833 bytes)

I am definitely not allowed up here - who cares?

BrattonCamp1.jpg (98105 bytes)

At Bratton Camp - an Iron Age Hill Fort.

BrattonCamp2.jpg (87198 bytes)

Bratton Camp coming back up the hill - boy it's steep!

ComputerDog.jpg (84199 bytes)

Helping my master build computers.  These cables are comfortable.

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