The History of Tanglefoot the Terrier



This is where I try and tell you my history.  I am on my third owner so some of the history is a bit vague. I was born in 1996 so am 7 years old at the moment.  The first thing is my name, where did this come from?  I think my second owner named me after an English Ale from the Badger Brewery.  A fine ale that will give you 'Tanglefoot' if you drink enough of it!  On the right is a picture of a bottle of this fine ale.  Maybe there is another reason for my name as people are always tripping over me and my humans often call me 'Get out from Underfoot!'.

I think that I was abandoned by my first owner and adopted by a nice man called Adam.  He was an Army officer and lived in a nice house with stables.  I had a Labrador (Arthur) and a black terrier (Mac - short for Mackeson) for company.  The Labrador was a standard black lab but the black terrier was a real nasty piece of work - a typical farm terrier not to be argued with.  I used to fight a lot with him but I always had great fun when we escaped the stable yard and ran across the fields chasing anything we could and exploring all the holes in the ground.  Trouble is we used to get filthy and be hosed down in the stable yard when we got back.

Adam used to take me into work with him; it's an Army thing taking your dog to work.  My character always won through and I am well liked wherever I go.  It was a 45 minute drive to work so I used to sleep all the way and only sit up in the passenger seat when we arrived at the gate.  A quick dash from the car to the office and a burst of mayhem just to let everyone know that I had arrived.  One must drag one's blanket out from under the Chief Clerk's desk and then lie on it, in the gangway chewing a toy - after all I am a dog.  I also keep my toys under this desk, when they are not scattered all over the office.

Earlier this year, Adam went abroad and my fate was unsure for a while.  It proved too difficult to take me abroad so Adam's deputy, Chris adopted me.  This was great as I could still go to work in the same place every day but just went home to a different house.  So, I have re-mustered from Army to RAF.  I like my new family because I am now a pet rather than effectively a farm dog.  I live indoors and the house is warm - I am going soft and enjoying the doggy good life.

My daily routine is still much the same, except that I now walk to work in 5 minutes rather than a 45 minute ride in a car.  I like this as I can chase the cat from number 8 every morning - sets a terrier up for the day you know.  But I must remember not to try and make friends with those German Shepherd guard dogs - they might choke on me one day.  I have my usual friends in the office and the Chief Clerk still takes me for a walk every lunchtime.  I was upset for a while when Adam left because my bed was no longer in his old office.  The new boss, Kim, lets me wander in and out of his office, I have my blanket under Sandie's desk, the lady in the sandwich van still gives me a biscuit every day and the lads still take me outside to chase my ball - what more could a little pooch ask for?

That about brings my history up to date, read more about me in my diary.   My Diary

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