My Diary - Oct to Dec 2006

It is now Autumn and the weather is turning colder. Here I am watching 'The Proms' last month.

I am growing my coat back nicely but am starting to look so scruffy that another clip before winter may be needed.


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Fri 6 October.   I had an exciting day today because my master took me to his own office.  I normally work in another office on the site but they went home early so my master had to collect me before he had finished work.  It was a nice office with loads of interesting new smells - thank you whoever had dropped food under a desk, I found it!  As soon as I walked in, people said, 'Oh look, a dog!'  But they all came up and made a fuss of me.  My master tied me to his desk while he went to see his boss but I found that I could pull the drawer out and sit in the middle of the gangway to stop everyone walking past - more fuss!

But when I got home I was a really naughty dog and my humans were very angry with me.  Julie had bought a dragon model and left it with its head sticking out of her bag while they ate their dinner.  When they had finished eating and came out, Julie cried,' he has bitten the freaking head off it!!!  I'm sorry, I was tempted and could not resist chewing the dragon.  I have never destroyed something that was not mine before; Julie was very upset and my master was very angry.  I got sent to my bed in disgrace and felt really awful because I knew that I had done something wrong.

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