My Diary - Oct to Dec 2005

Lots of news this quarter: evicted from one office, finding another office to work in with an old friend, and Christmas.

How is a blind dog doing a website?  I am dictating to my master of course!


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Sun 23 Oct.   I went up to Grandma’s house today; it is a long drive.  I don’t mind spending hours in the car, I just sleep, but the stops frighten me a bit.  It is so noisy at those ‘Motorway Services’ and I feel very nervous.  At least my master takes me for a wee on the grass but I will nor drink or eat.  They have my bed in the car and I spend most of my time in there.

Wed 26 Oct.  We went on a trip today, to a place called Spurn Point.  My humans got told off because you are not allowed to take dogs on to Spurn Point.  This has something to do with frightening the wild birds – what are they talking about, I am very well behaved?  My humans had lunch in a pub but, again, I was not allowed in there.  I was left in the car while they ate, but my master came out a few times to make sure that I was alright.  After lunch, we went to a beach near the point and I had a great time poking around on the sand.  My master had to carry me down the cliffs because I cannot see where I am going but at least I am allowed on the beach.  A message to you humans, what is wrong with us dogs?

Sat 29 Oct.  Just thought I had better report that I am now very fat.  The pills for my eyes are steroids and I have put on 1 Kg in weight.  This takes me up to 10.5 Kg which is too heavy for my dog-size.  My humans are talking about a ‘diet’ whatever that is?

Mon 31 Oct.   Vet again!  Both my eyes have now cleared so the vet can see in to them.  As he thought, my right retina has detached as well – blind dog!

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From now on I will be dictating my diary to my master.  I could just about see the screen with one working eye but it is impossible for a blind dog.  I hope that my master writes what I tell him as I cannot check!

Tue 1 Nov.   Life in the office is proving difficult.  I keep bumping into the desks.  Also I bark and growl at people because I can’t see who it is anymore.  The world is a bit frightening at the moment.   When I got home, my humans had bought some toys for blind dogs today, they did not last long.  I crushed the bell in the ball with my first bite, it does not ring anymore.  I then pulled the bell out of the rubber bone (and spat it out) before chopping the bone into small pieces.  Not quite what my humans expected but I enjoyed it.

Sat 5 Nov.  A very bad day for me today.  It’s Bonfire Night and the fireworks are very loud this year.  I have only been blind for a short while so I find it even more frightening as I cannot see what is going on.  At least my humans stayed in with me all evening and gave me lots of cuddles and love.  I feel a bit safer behind the sofa but I really must go out for a wee some time.

Fri 11 Nov.   It’s a sad day for me today, I have been evicted from the office where I have worked for over 5 years.  One person in this office thinks that I am dangerous, now that I am blind, so I have to go.  At least my friend Paul gave me a good ragging before I left, so I went home dirty and tired.  My humans are talking a lot about me and how they are going to look after me during the day now that I do not have an office to work in.

Sat 12 Nov.  The fireworks are still going off this weekend, this has been going on for 2 weeks now.  When will the humans realise just how frightening fireworks are to us pooches and limit their use to Nov 5 only?  At least the tranquilisers from the vet are helping.

Sun 13 Nov.   My humans had a phone call from Sandie today – remember Sandie, I used to work with her in the last office, until she moved jobs.  She had heard about my problems and was very concerned for my well being.  She had talked to her boss and asked if I could work in her office.  My humans said yes and made arrangements to get me to and from my new office.

Mon 14 Nov.   I started in my new office today.  I gave Sandie a ‘banana dog’ and wagged as hard as I could (which really is hard, if I had a full length tail I would whip someone to death).  I think that I will like it here; I have a blanket to sleep on, a ball to chase and a friend to love me, what more could a dog ask for.

Fri 18 Nov.   Well this is the end of my first week in the new office.  I really like it here and everyone is my friend.  I have almost learned where all the desks are so I do not crash into them very often – only when I get excited chasing my ball.  All the staff in the building have come in to meet me so I have had more fuss than I can cope with.

Fri 25 Nov.   End of the second week in my new office and life is good.  Everybody loves me and they keep coming into the office to get me some fuss and kick my ball.  Yes, I can chase a ball even if I am blind – it’s an ear and nose thing.  I have lots of new toys because all the staff are buying me things.  They have found out that terriers destroy ‘soft’ dog toys.  This week’s destruction consisted of chopping a dog pull into small pieces and spreading it all over the office and cutting the rope off a ball-on-a-rope.  Also, I get loads of walks because everybody wants to take me out.  I wish someone would move that drainpipe outside the front door as I keep hitting it!  My master is still looking for a crash helmet to fit a Jack Russell!

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Fri 2 Dec.   Went to the vets again today so that the nice man could look at my eyes.  He was pleased that the inflammation in my right eye had gone down and both eyes were clear.  But it’s not much good having clear eyes if they do not work – you still cannot see!  I still have to have drops in my eyes (human medicine) every night to stop all the loose bits inside my eyes causing problems. 

Sat 3 Dec.   Something is going on, my humans are all over the house putting up what they call decorations.  I keep bumping into the boxes in the lounge but there is lots of play value in boxes and things.  Sometimes, I think that I am not welcome when I play in my human’s stuff, but it is good fun.  I got tangled in the Christmas tree lights and walked off with them wrapped around me; I pulled the tree over.  It’s fun causing chaos in best terrier fashion.

Thur 8 Dec.   My master brought all his team round today (to see me).  I enjoyed playing with them but I think I bit one of the hands that was trying to get my ball off me.  He didn’t really  mind and soon got used to my way of dropping a ball.

Sat 10 Dec.   Had loads of fun today, doing little terrier things.  My master found a rats’ nest in the shed and, blind or not, I wanted to go ratting.  He would not let me in the shed to start with, something about fibreglass insulation everywhere, so I got locked in the conservatory.  I stood in the conservatory, shaking and crying until let out, after my master had cleared away the fibreglass so that I could not hurt myself.  Boy, did I have fun!  I didn’t catch anything but had a great time in the shed, even running up and down on the top shelf because that is where the rats were nesting.  (My master had to lift me up onto the top shelf as I could not see where I was going and was about to hurt myself by climbing up the grass cutter!)

Stupid Humans.   My humans are either really stupid or do not have very good noses.  I have been sniffing round the shed for weeks and trying to tell them there were rats in it – well now they know!

Sat 17 Dec.   Another FUN DAY.  My master was demolishing a compost heap before the new shed arrives.  The heap smelled great so I was in there digging for hours whilst my master demolished the heap.  It sure smelled of rats but I didn’t find any.  Anyhow I had a good time and came out of the compost heap very dirty and smelling really bad (or so my humans thought.  The only down side is that I got a bath afterwards, oh well, it was worth it.  See my picture gallery for a picture of my after my digging – one dirty, smelly, tired but happy little dog!

Mon 19 Dec.   My master was supposed to be at his other office today but he was home when I got back from the office.  The back garden was full of something that smelled of wood and I kept bumping into it.  He tells me it is a new shed; what’s wrong with the old one that smells of rats?

Wed 21 Dec.   My master finished work today so I will have him at home for 2 weeks.  I really wanted to go into work today because some staff were bringing their partners in just to see me.  Never mind, there is always next year.

Thur 22 Dec.  My master has now spent 2 days painting his new shed, before he puts it up.  This presents lots of possibilities for a mischievous little terrier who cannot see what he is about to bump into.  All was going well as my master could throw the ball and then paint one panel before I came back with the ball.  The only problem was when I returned with the ball and dropped it into the paint bucket; for some reason my master got upset at that point and I was sent indoors in disgrace.

Sat 24 Dec.   Lots of activity today, my humans tell me that it is Christmas Eve and we must be ready for Christmas Day, tomorrow.  I’m sure I can get underfoot for most of the day and ‘help’ them with their work.

Sun 25 Dec.   Christmas Day.   I like Christmas because lots of exciting things happen.  My humans are opening presents, and they gave me some as well.  I got a doggy mince pie  and doggy Christmas Pudding (bought from The Dogs Trust).  The mince pie did not last lonmg but I was not sure what to make of the Christmas Pudding.  I buried the pudding in my bed for later. 

Mon 26 Dec.   Started knocking down the old shed today.  Most frustrating when my master is up on the shed roof and will not throw the ball for me.  Also I kept getting shouted at because I was in the way, or in danger of being hit with flying debris.

Tue 27 Dec.  Finished knocking down the shed today.  Both master and mistress were out in the garden so I had 2 humans to play with – or was that annoy?  The pile of old wood still smells of rats and I am spending my time in there, looking for the rats.  I got shouted at again this afternoon as my master had laid something called concrete.  I don’t know what concrete is but it smalls bad and I must not walk on it when it is wet (why?).  I’m glad that I have a thick fur coat as it’s very cold outside at the moment.

Thur 29 Dec.   Deep joy, Grandma came to stay today.  I like Grandma because she plays with me.  But she is now getting a bit old and sometimes has trouble getting the ball off me – I play hard with everyone.

Fri 30 Dec.   Today was shed erecting day, and it rained all day!  My master was not bothered and just carried on regardless.  He must be mad because I don’t like getting wet.  Also, it was so muddy in the garden that I wasn’t allowed out anyway; so I stayed indoors and played with grandma.

Sat 31 Dec.   New Year’s Eve and fireworks again.  I adopted my usual position behind the sofa.


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