My Diary - Oct to Dec 2004

The final quarter of the year is upon us.  Summer has ended and winter looms large.  The nights draw in and it gets very cold.

Wake me up when it is spring!


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Mon 4 Oct.   Major disaster in the doggy life today, I've just found out that Sandie has left.  I have lived under her desk and she has taken me for my lunchtime walks for over 5 years, what will I do now?  Never mind, my blanket is still under her desk, the lads still throw the ball for me and Pauline now takes me out at lunchtime - doggy life goes on.

Fri 8 Oct.   My master's birthday today and what did we do?  We went to Grandma's house in Hull.  I'm getting good at these long car journeys now - I just sleep in my basket in the car.  I still do not like the stops though, those motorway service areas are far too noisy for my liking.

Weekend 9/10 Oct.   I had a great time at Grandma's.  She has a great big field behind her house and I can run around to my heart's content.  Also there are loads of other dogs in the field and I make friends with all of them.  I like the river bank as well because there are lots of interesting smells.  Although they shout at me if I go near the edge, something about the River Hull being very dirty and smelly and with steep muddy banks.  I don't care, it smells good down here in the reeds.

Not much happened for the rest of October.  Life just went on, went into work each day, ran around a lot, got dirty, had bath, got dirty again, chased rabbits - normal doggy sort of stuff.

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I don't like November very much, I can remember fireworks last year and I am terrified of bangs.  I know that it's funny for an ex farm dog to be scared of bangs but that is just the way it is.

Weekend 6/7 Nov.   There have been bangs all week and I have sometimes run home in the middle of my evening walk.  Friday night was pretty bad for bangs and the weekend has been terrible; I have been terrified all the time.  I am missing my evening walks because I am too scared to go out. To make it worse my master was away in Hull so I did not have him to comfort me.  My humans have been drugging my water dish all week and it has helped a bit.

Weekend 13/14 Nov.   There have been almost continuous bangs all week and my evening walks are now on the end of a lead to stop me running home all the time.  This weekend is bad again, when will the bangs stop?

Weekend 20/21 Nov.   It's getting better with only a few bangs each evening.  I still will not go out in the evening unless I am on my lead.  It's silly really but I feel safe when I have got my lead on; I know my master is near me all the time.  I don't really mind being frightened on Bonfire Night but why must you humans keep letting off fireworks for weeks before and after 5th November?  I don't want to spoil your fun but remember that we poor animals are frightened by fireworks so get it over with as soon as possible please, thank you.

Wednesday 24 Nov.   I had a new experience today, I was taken to a Poodle Parlour!  I have been clipped by both my masters before but have never been professionally groomed.  When the lady saw me, she said, 'my, that's the hairiest Russell I've ever seen!'.  It was a novel experience and I just stood there (I got a complement for this) and let the nice lady sort me out.  I got bathed, clipped, toenails cut and bottom squeezed.  I now look really smart and short haired.  Back at work, 2 of the lads actually said they now believed that I was a Jack Russell because I didn't look like a 'Jack' with my long coat.  Good job that I don't mind playful name calling because I am now called either 'skinhead' or 'baldy'.  I suppose it's better than 'scruffy little mutt' which was my other name before.  Good job it's all in fun or I could get quite grumpy.  My master took some pictures of my new groomed self and I will put them in my picture gallery when I have time.

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December started as a quiet month with me frantically trying to grow my coat back.  Everyone feels sorry for me because 'he must be cold with that short coat'.  Little do they know that terriers have 2 coats and my under coat is as thick as ever.  Also terriers are 'hard' so what's a bit of cold to trouble an ex farm dog?  Towards the end of the month, things livened up with the arrival of Christmas.

My Christmas

I like Christmas because lots of exciting things happen.  Grandma arrived on 22 December which is always a good sign. Grandma is a real soft touch and I get loads of fuss and treats (that I am not supposed to have!).  Grandma is also up for loads of play although she cannot play rough like the rest of my humans.  She is too slow to get the ball off me and she wears soft shoes so I can bite her foot when she stands on the ball to keep it away from me.

Christmas Day.   This is a special day for my humans as they give presents to each other.  I got presents as well; some were food and some were toys.  I did not know whether to eat the food or play with the toys, so ended up doing a bit of both.  I even got to unwrap one of my own presents - a difficult task when you do not have hands but terrier teeth and persistence can open anything.  At least boxes are easier to catch and open than rabbits.  I also got to play with the empty boxes and wrapping paper, absolute doggy heaven!

Christmas Dinner was a bit disappointing as I am not allowed to beg from the table; my master is very strict about this.  Even so, Grandma managed to slip me something while no one was watching.  So I just laid in the corner of the dining room looking miserable and being ever hopeful.  After dinner was better as a got some turkey, bacon and little sausages; maybe the wait was worth it?

I Disgraced Myself.   I almost managed to go the whole of Christmas without disgracing myself, but the natural terrier naughtiness got the better of me in the end.  It wasn't my fault as my humans should not have left it lying around in the first place!  So, what did I do?  My humans went out for a few hours and left me in the house because our local garden centre does not allow dogs any more - shame on them!  Very carelessly they had left half a chocolate orange on the settee under some papers.  Well, the doggy nose knew where it was and the temptation was just too much for a little pooch to resist - I ate the lot!  I only got caught because my humans came home whilst I was licking the wrapper to get every last bit of chocolate off it.  How am I to know that human chocolate is poisonous for dogs?  I got a serious telling off and taken down the vet immediately; the vet made me sick.  I did not enjoy that bit but the pleasure of chocolate, especially stolen chocolate, was worth the effort.  Even having to eat charcoal for a few days did not spoil the pleasure.

New Year.   New year is another of those funny times when humans go out and celebrate.  Why you would celebrate another year beats me, it's like celebrating birthdays - you only get older?  Anyhow, my humans went out for the evening.  They went to a pub called 'The Two Pigs' and left me on my own.  Something about good beer and lack of organised events in the area.  They must have had a good time as they came home late and in a very happy state.  I had a sulk when they came home as they had left me on my own with all the noisy fireworks going off around me.  The sulk worked though because I was allowed in their bedroom for the night to 'settle down'.  As soon as they were asleep, I jumped onto the bed and snuggled up between them.  They were a little surprised to find me curled up between them in the morning - but I got away with it because I was 'frightened by the fireworks'.  Happy New Year!


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