My Diary - 2003

It's a great life being a dog in a loving home.  Lots of love, food, warmth and a big garden to play in.


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Tue 9 September.  Went to the vets today; my master was concerned about a lump on my leg.  I don't notice these things but I have been limping a bit.  The vet says I need surgery as the lump is near important bits in my leg.  So next Wednesday I go in for surgery - hope my master has his credit card with him!

Wed/Thur 10/11 September.  My master went away on business but the rest of the family looked after me.  I wanted to go to with him because I enjoyed my last trip.  I made lots of new friends in the hotel and the team in Crewe loved me.  But I disgraced myself last time, I fell in the ornamental pond outside the building and had to be dragged out covered in pond weed.  Boy, did I stink in the car going home!

Wed 18 September.   Today I went to the vets.  I still haven't worked out what happened but I went to sleep and when I woke up someone had put a plastic lamp shade on my head.  There is something on my leg but I don't know what it is because I cannot get at it - frustration!  Shan't say any more now because I am still wobbly from the anaesthetic.

Thur 19 September.   Feel a bit better today but this thing on my head is driving me nuts.  I can't lick my feet, I can't scratch my ears, I keep hitting things with it and it fills with leaves when a walk around the garden.  Still, I put on my best hang-dog all day and got loads of fuss from everyone in the office.

Fri 20 September.   Went back to the vets today and the lovely nurse took my dressing off.  The wound is clean and she was pleased.  My master let me walk on the lead without my lampshade today - bliss!  But he put it back on as soon as I got home - no chance to lick my stitches.

Mon 22 September.   A new week at work.  The Chief Clerk, Sandie, came back from holiday to see me looking like a table lamp.  She still gave me a hug and took me for a walk at lunchtime.  That thing on my head gives me a real problem with styles on the walk.  The vet rang and said that my lump was benign (whatever that means).  She said I had damaged my leg in the past and the hair follicles were ruptured and growing inwards.  I wish I understood what my humans were talking about?

Sat 27 September.   My humans are letting me run around without my lampshade during the day as long as I leave my stitches alone.  Temptation, temptation, temptation, just a quick lick while they are not looking.  Tanglefoot, NO!... darn it, they saw me!

Mon 29 September.   Hid under the Chief Clerk's desk this morning and gave my leg a good licking.  Boy, was I in trouble when they caught me.  I had the lamp shade waved in front of me, must be more subtle next time.  At least the lads can throw the ball outside for me now.  This is my way of exercising the smokers.

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Wed 1 October.   Went back to the vet's today to have my stitches out.  At last, no lampshade at night and I can lick my leg as much as I want without being told off.  Still look like a poodle with the shaved leg and fluffy paw, but the fur will grow back eventually.

Wed 22 October.   No much has happened over the last 3 weeks except that I had a fight with a Jack Russell called 'Spot' last night.  The fight was fun and no damage was done; we called it a draw and parted as friends.  The fur is growing back on my leg so I look less like a poodle every day and my humans are letting my coat grow for winter.  Speaking of coats, I now have a nice, green waxed cotton coat to wear when it is raining.  Shame I can't wear it when it is cold but my humans tell me that I have a fur coat for that purpose.  Also they have got me a collar with flashing red lights for walking after dark; shame, they can see me when I run off into the darkness.

Fri 24 October.   Today I went on my holidays.  My humans loaded all their stuff, and my bed, into the car and off we went.  We went to a place called Hull to visit grandma and granddad, my master's parents.  A 6 hour journey in the car but it gave me chance to catch up on some sleep.  Don't know if I will like grandma and granddad's house as it is in a city and I am a country dog.  I don't like all the noise.

Sat 25 October.   An interesting night with all the strange noises.  I cried for hours in the kitchen until they let me upstairs to sleep in my master's bedroom (success!).  There is a great big playing field behind this house and I can run around as much as I want.  The field was full of humans walking their dogs and I made lots of new doggy friends.  Don't like the main road at the end of the field though, where my master goes to buy a newspaper every morning.  Nice walks though and grandma is soft, she gives me loads of treats.

Sun 26 October.   Last night was another success.  They tried ignoring my crying in the kitchen but attempting to remove the kitchen door from its hinges got their attention - slept upstairs again!  Didn't do much today except alternate playing and wandering around lost - more treats from grandma.  The gas fire in grandma's lounge is great, I get so hot that I have to pant to keep cool.  Why do my humans tell me I am daft and drag me away from the fire?  Still I can sneak back in front of the fire when they are not looking.

Mon 27 October.   Today we went to a place called Hornsea.  My humans told me this was a seaside, whatever that is.  They took me on what they called a beach, not seen one of these before but it was great fun.  I liked the dead smelly fish best but they took it off me before I could either eat it or roll on it!  There was a huge expanse of water at the edge of the beach, the sea I am told.  Didn't like this at all because it looked wet (I hate water) and made a funny roaring noise.  I only got wet once when my ball landed in a deep pool and I had to get it back.  When my humans went for lunch, I had to stay outside in the cold with my master, something about dogs in cafes.  At least my master stayed with me and gave me some lovely treats.

Tue 28 October.   My master cleaned the driveway with a pressure washer today.  I kept well out of the way of that because it looked too much like a hosepipe - memories of bath time in Adam's stable yard.  Otherwise a lazy day broken up by nice walks and running around the field with the other dogs.

Wed 29 October.   Everything was put back in the car today and we went home.  Long car journeys are easy when you sleep all the way.  What a relief to be home again, back to a nice quiet rural environment!  It was freezing outside and the house was very cold when we got back, so my master lit a fire - guess where I was?  All back to normal and the routine of being a dog continues.

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Wed 5 November.   "Please to remember the 5th of November, gunpowder treason and plot.  We know no reason, why gunpowder treason, should ever be forgot."  In 1605, a group of conspirators tried to blow up King James I and the Houses of Parliament by packing the cellars with gunpowder.  Guy Fawkes was arrested just before midnight on 4 November 1605 as he prepared to light the fuse.  He was tried, found guilty of treason and hanged on 30 Jan 1606.  Ever since 1605, on 5 November each year, every town and village in the country lights bonfires, lets off fireworks and burns an effigy of Guy Fawkes, to celebrate his failure to blow up the King and Parliament. If he had succeeded, the 36 barrels of gunpowder in the cellars would have reduced the Palace of Westminster to a smoking hole in the ground and wiped out both the Monarch and Parliament. If anyone wants more information on Guy Fawkes, I have put a link to a useful website on my links page.

This is not a good time for me as I am terrified of fireworks.  It was the same last Saturday,  Bonfire Night seems to go on for weeks nowadays and the fireworks are getting louder.  Still my mistress put some 'happy drops' on a doggy treat and that calmed me down.

Friday 7 November.     My master went away last night on one of his regular trips to Cranwell.  One day I will go with him to cause chaos in the classroom whilst he is lecturing.  I'm good at chaos!  It's great when he comes home and I can greet him with submissive gestures and a very waggy tail.

Saturday 8 November.   Fireworks again, more happy drops and I am OK.  Laid back doggy or what?

Wednesday 12 November.   My master went away again last night, this time it was Crewe.  He tells me that both the staff at the hotel where he stays, and the team at Crewe asked where I was.  I think that my master is reluctant to take me back there after I fell in the pond last time!  At least I am famous there and known as 'the customer's dog that fell in the pond'.  Same ritual when he came back, submissive posture, waggy tail and then sulking for a while.

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Saturday 6 December.   Not much has happened recently.  Life goes on as usual with my daily trips to work and 3 walks per day.  The walks in the morning and evening are a bit rough because it is dark and cold and often wet.  Last night my humans went to a 'Christmas Ball' whatever that is.  They came home in the early hours of the morning and were a bit wobbly.  I gave them a look from one eye and wagged my tail a bit, but didn't bother to get out of my bed - I don't do early mornings!

Saturday 13 December.   Strange things happened today.  My humans went up in the loft and brought down loads of boxes.  They put up a tree in the lounge and hung lots of pretty things around the house - something to do with this Christmas thing that they keep on about.  I like the lights and the tree is great for sleeping under, but they do get a bit upset when I pull the red cloth out from under the tree and play with it.  They got some good photographs of me asleep under the tree.  

Saturday 20 December.   The preparation for the Christmas thing continues and my humans talk about being off work for 2 weeks - who is going to walk me at lunchtime?  They are wrapping pretty paper round lots of presents and some of these presents smell nice.  Why do they put them where I can't reach them?

Tuesday 23 December.   Grandma and Granddad arrived today.  I like Grandma, she is a soft touch and gives me lots of treats.  More of these presents arrived but I still can't reach them!

Thursday 25 December.   What is going on???  The humans are tearing paper off presents and seem to be having a good time.  At last, someone has given me a present to unwrap - no problem with the paper.  It is a Rudolph with rope antlers, I'll give it 2 hours maximum.  This one is more interesting, doggy chocs, I like them!!!  Didn't think much of my doggy Christmas Pudding though, so I spread it all over the carpet.  I liked the smell of the turkey but they wouldn't let me have any - rotten lot!

Saturday 27 December.   My master said something about walking off the excess and took me on a very long walk.  Three miles is a bit far when you only have short legs.  It was very wet underfoot (lots of rain) and one road was flooded.  Luckily the flood was only three inches deep - remember the short legs.  Because I got so dirty. my master stopped at the hosepipe and washed me underneath before I was allowed in the house.  You try a jet of cold water on your belly!

Sunday 28 December.   Grandma and Granddad went home today.  Grandma left the usual things behind, including her handbag this time!  When they had gone, I was taken on another very long walk.  This time we stopped at Sandie's house and I was glad to see her.  She normally walks me at lunchtime and I stayed with her when my humans went to Florida in the summer.  On my evening walk, I chased a rabbit down a hole and got stuck.  How embarrassing with your butt sticking up in the air, a waggy tail and nothing you can do about it.  Eventually my master realised I was in trouble and got me out.  He had read something about a terrier's tail being used to get dogs out of holes, a big handful of tail and pull, it works!!!

Monday 29 December.   What an exciting day today.  It was raining so my master put my coat on before the morning walk.  But, before I had left the garden, there was a rabbit just asking to be chased.  After a short chase round the front garden, I caught it in the laurel bushes, and killed it.  It makes a terrier feel good to catch something!  My master wasn't very pleased because I ripped my coat off as I ran into the bushes - he had to search for it later.  Then I carried on with the walk whilst my master was still looking for me in the garden.  Then I realised he wasn't with me so I came back to find him; that is when he noticed my coat was gone.  We still had a good walk but I was rather wet and muddy by the time we got back - hosepipe on the underside before I was allowed back into the house again!

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