My Diary - Jul to Sep 2006

Summer is here and the scruffy little terrier continues with his good life.

It is holiday time and I have been on my hols, never been in a caravan before!


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Sat 1 July.   My master came back from Cyprus today.  He didn't bring me anything nice but I was really pleased to see him anyway.  He gave me lots of fuss and play so I forgave him for not bringing me anything, I am just really pleased that he is back.

My Holiday

Sat 8 July.   Not quite sure what is going on at the moment.  We have a 'caravan' on the drive and my humans are cleaning, polishing and carrying things out to it.  There is some talk of a holiday so maybe I will go and stay with Sandie again.  Anyway, it's great fun for a little terrier to be curious and generally get under my humans' feet while they are trying to work.

Sun 9 July.   What's going on now?  My bed has been put in the car and we are going on a journey.  Maybe I am going on holiday with my humans this time?  After a very long journey, we arrived at a caravan site in Cornwall and I was taken for a walk while my humans set up camp.  Not sure if I am going to like it here but there are lots of interesting smells to check on.

Fri 21 July.  Another long journey but I am home again.  It has been a great holiday but it is always nice to be home.

Sat 22 Jul.  Grandma arrived today, ready for a Naming Ceremony tomorrow.  I like Grandma as she plays with me a lot but she still has not mastered the 'get the ball off me if you can' game.

Sun 23 July.   My humans went to the naming ceremony today and left me on my own, never mind sleep is always a good way of passing the time.  At least they left a key with next door so he came in to see me.  In fact he took me round to his house and I spent all day in his garden with Toby the Labrador.

Tue 25 July.  Vet again!



Wed 9 Aug.   Vet again!

Sat 12 Aug.   We took a computer to Adam's today.  The last time I went to Adams, I could see and I beat up Buster their terrier.  This time I was blind but Buster was still on his holidays so I only had the cats to deal with.  This was not a problem until I stood on a cat that was sunbathing in the garden - what a screech but I could not chase it because I could not see which way it went.  I also found the other cat in the kitchen - by walking into it!  I was a little buit naughty and went up to one of the bedrooms which had a rat in a cage.  My master caught me dragging the cage across the floor to try and get at the rat - it's a fair cop guv!


Thur 14 September.   My mistress went away today as she was attending a Dinner Night with my master tonight.  So I was left with Julie to look after me.  She did alright and played with me a lot but I still like my adult humans around.

Fri 15 September.   My humans came home today so all is well again.  Also, it is Friday so it's fish and chips night when I get a sausage.

Sat 23 September.  I went to a car boot sale with my humans today.  Not much going on so I slept in the back of the car for most of the day.  But, when I did come out, there were a few dogs to say hello to and make friends with.

Fri 29 September.   Our next door neighbours moved out today and some new people moved in.  Must check them out tomorrow and see what they are like.

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