My Diary - Jul to Sep 2005

We moved house in August so I have a new territory and new doggy (and human) friends.

I am now completely blind after my eye condition got worse and I lost my sight in both eyes.

Maybe I can still chase a ball with a bit of practice?


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Sat 9 Jul.   That does it, something is really up.  My humans have got all the boxes out of the loft and littered the house with them.  I don’t care, more things for the terrier to play in and with.  This wrapping paper has a lot of play value.

Mon 18 Jul.   OK, what’s going on now?  The house is full of strange men putting things into boxes and loading a big van outside.  They keep telling me to ‘get out of the van T’; well I’m only curious and want to join in.

Tue 19 Jul.   Well, last night was really weird.  There is nothing downstairs and lots of stuff from upstairs has gone missing.  Where has all my stuff gone?  When I came home from work, I went to a different house and my master told me that this is our new home.  He showed me the house and the garden – I like the garden.  So, this must be my new home?  It smells funny but I will soon get my scent over everything and make it mine.  Ah, found my bed, my blanket and my dish so this must be home!  I can hear and smell other dogs; do I need to fight or will they be my friends?

Wed 20 Jul.   Met the dog next door today.  He is a black Labrador called ‘Toby’ and he is still a puppy.  Toby is very bouncy but a real coward – soon sort him out and let him know who is boss around here!  His master likes me and wants me to teach Toby some doggy lessons – no problem.

Thur 21 Jul.   Met the dog from just across the Close today.  His name is ‘Prince’ and thinks he is the boss around here.  Had a barking and growling contest and we have come to an arrangement – I am the boss!  But Prince is very friendly and I will let him in my garden because I like him.  I can hear some other (big) dogs barking across the Close but I haven’t met them yet.  Also there is a small dog barking just up the road – don’t know who that is yet.

Sat 23 Jul.   The time has come to stake my claim on my territory so I stand in the front garden and bark at anything that moves out in the Close.  I think that they have got the message that this is my garden and they need my permission to come in.

Sat 30 Jul.   I have now had time to settle in to my new territory and this is the dog situation:

Toby.  A real pain in the rear end but his is only young.  I have taught him some manners and he now respects me as a top dog.

Prince.   Prince and I are good friends.  He wanders into my territory and eats any food in my dish if my humans let him.  I don’t mind as I go in to Prince’s garden as well – we are friends.  Prince can be a bit of a pain but will leave if I ask him – for a terrier, that involves being fierce!

Sophie.  Sophie is a Sheltie that lives up the road.  I don’t have much to do with her but I suppose she is OK.  She barks at me when I go past on my walk.

Other Dogs.   There are 3 dogs that live over the road – 2 big ones and a Jack Russell.  One of the big ones is a German Shepherd who does not like other dogs – better stay away from him or he might get hurt.  The Jack Russell is called ‘Billie’ and he seems OK, but I haven’t met him yet.

Humans.  All of the humans round here seem nice and I get on well with all of them.  One neighbour is a keen tennis player and I keep going into his garage and stealing tennis balls – good job he doesn’t mind!  The other neighbours are also nice and don’t mind me wandering around their gardens looking for interesting things.

Visitors.  I do my ‘fierce dog’ thing when people come to the house but I guess that the wagging tail gives me away.  The postman is nice and no longer jumps when I bark at him.  The paper boy loves me – petting always overcomes terrier aggression!

Summary.  I like my new house and I think that I will be very happy here.

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Sun 21 Aug.   I have a problem, I cannot see anything on my left side.  My humans have noticed and say that I must have gone blind in that eye and that they will take me to see the vet. 

Tue 23 Aug.   Went to the vet today to have my eyes checked, my left eye is a bit of a mess and he could not see in to it; so the vet gave me some tablets and told me to come back in a few weeks.

Wed 24 Aug.   Grandma came to stay today.  I like Grandma, she plays with me a lot although she is a bit slow so ‘grab the ball before the human gets it’ is not much of a challenge.

Tue 30 Aug.   Grandma went back home today, and my master started his new job.  He will be working away for 3 days a week so I will have only my mistress to annoy.

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Sat 17 Sep.   Went to the vet again.  He could now see into my left eye and, yes, the retina is detached.  He said that I was now blind in that eye but hoped that my right eye would be OK.  But he did warn my humans there was a risk of the same thing happening to my right eye and I would be completely blind.

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