My Diary - Jul to Sep 2004

The third quarter of the year is upon us.  Summer (or the best the England can muster) is now in full swing.

The scruffy little terrier is having a good life and generally at peace with the world.


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July has been a very busy month for a little terrier.  My humans keep on about a 'holiday season' and, evidently, I am expected to go on my holidays as well.  What is a holiday, I've never had one of these before, I don't think?

Sat 3 July.   Today, my humans went to something called a Summer Ball.  My master put on his best uniform and both of them  went out.  Julie went out as well so I was left on my own, time for some sleep.  Julie came home to find me in a right state because this Summer Ball was quite close to our house and they had fireworks - I hate fireworks.  At least she gave me loads of fuss and I wasn't shut if the kitchen that night - I slept under her bed.  The adults came home in the early hours of the morning.  After they had gone to sleep I sneaked into their bedroom and went to sleep on their bed - success!

Fri 9 July.   I went to work as normal today but something is different.  My master had my bed and all my stuff in his car, maybe this a what they call a holiday.  He went home early and left me in the office - what is going on, am I going to be left in the office?  I got my answer when Sandie took me home with her, I did this last year so this is what is going on.  I like Sandie's house as I get long walks really early in the morning and her husband showers me with fuss.  The only drawback is that they have a small kitchen so I can't walk about much at night.

Sat 10 July.   Big success last night, Richard took pity on me in the kitchen and let me into the lounge.  I now have an armchair to sleep on.  Sandie is not impressed as this is the chair she rests her feet on - find somewhere else, there is a terrier in this chair!

Rats.   I can't tell you what the day was but I did little terrier things today.  I smelled rats in Sandie's back garden and sorted them out for her.  I may be 8 years old but I can still catch rats without problems!  It makes a terrier feel good to catch and kill something like that, we were bred as hunting dogs and the old instincts are still there.  How's that for paying for your keep?

Win Hill - A Message.   A message to the family that my master met on the top of Win Hill in the Peak District - Hi.  And to the sheep, stop licking my arm, I am not edible.

Fri 23 July.   My master came home today and collected me from the office.  This was embarrassing as I was asleep under Sandie's desk.  He shouted 'dog!', I rushed out and, because I was beside myself with excitement, I ran straight past him to the office door.  Silly dog, but I turned round and gave him so much fuss - banana dog, offering neck, lying on back and generally leaping about.  I love my master!  They brought me a present back from their holidays, a pigs ear!  I've never had pigs ears before, I don't think, but I love them - give me some more!

Sat 24 July.   Something has gone wrong today.  My master got a phone call to say that his father had died.  He packed his things and left for Hull but, he took me with him.  I'm told that I am so bright and playful that no one can be sad with me around! So, this is my job this weekend, to be so playful that no one can be sad.  No problem, you try being sad with me around!

Sun 25 July.   Disgrace today, I bit my master.  Well, it's his own fault, he wasn't paying attention.  I wanted him to chase me in this lovely big sports field but he wasn't taking the hint.  I tried jumping up at his hands and barking but no reaction; so I bit his leg and ran away.  That worked, he chased me for ages.  He was very good about it though and forgave me, after a mild telling off.

Tue 27 July.   Well, we are on our way back home today but it has been an interesting stay in Hull.  My master's brother arrived and they were all too busy to be sad.  Last time I was in Hull I was terrified, it is a city and I am country dog - all the noise!  This time I had got used to it, but I still slept in my master's bedroom rather than the kitchen.  They have a massive sports field and park behind their house which is doggy heaven.  All that space and all those new dogs to meet and make friends with.  My best doggy friend was Mellie the Beagle (short for Melody) who lives a few doors down the road.

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Sun 1 Aug.   We are off to Hull again, this time to a funeral.  The whole family went and took me with them.  I had loads of fun in the field and met plenty of new doggy friends.  My favourite was a strange looking dog that played football.  It dribbled a football between its front legs and then wanted the humans to kick it.  I can't do this, I only pick things up in my mouth and I cannot pick up a football, unless I can burst it.  There was a little girl next door having a tantrum.  As soon as she saw me, she stopped and shouted, 'doggy'.  I let her fuss me and gave her a few doggy kisses - job done.

Mon 2 Aug.   Today was the day of the funeral and I met lots of new people.  They were all very kind and played with me a lot.  Went to bed a very tired doggy that night and decided to sleep on my master's bed.  He did not like it much as it was very hot, especially when I barked at a car in the road outside.  I got a kick through the quilt for that; it shut me up for a while but I continued to growl at the car.

Tue 3 Aug.   It's back home today, hooray.  Much as I like travelling, I like my home better.

Tue 10 Aug.   Just before my evening walk, I disappeared today.  I used to run off when I was Adam's dog and my humans probably thought I had done the same again.  I could hear them in the garden and the street outside calling for me, but I was busy.  When I eventually returned (through the hedge) I was covered in bits and filthy.  My muzzle and front legs were covered in dirt - I had been digging.  Where had I been?  That's for me to know and my humans to guess!

Sat 14 Aug.   I disappeared again today, but my humans spotted where I went.  There goes my little secret.  The hedge in our back garden is very thick and it is hollow inside.  I was running up and down inside the hedge chasing rabbits and having a great time.  I think that I gave it away when I barked and a rabbit ran out from inside the hedge; my master spotted it.  My humans said it was funny to see the hedge moving when I was inside it.  Next door's border collie was going mad because she could see me inside the hedge but could not get at me.  She wanted to chase rabbits too but was too big to come inside the hedge and join in.  There are advantages to being a small dog.

Sun 15 Aug.   It rained so much today I didn't go out much.

Tue 17 Aug.   My master went away to Crewe again today and I did my best hang dog because I thought that he was leaving me again.  Surprise, he put me in the car and took me with him.  After a boring journey - I slept all the way - we arrived at The Old Crown Hotel in Nantwich.  I remember it now, I have been here before.  The staff are friendly and the owner has a nice dog called Buttons.  I went on a lovely walk in a nearby park and met new doggy friends.  My master met a nice couple who said that they new a dog friendly pub.  So off we went to find this pub.  Just before we got to the pub, a car back fired as it went past and frightened me silly.  I tried to run but I was on a lead - stopped suddenly.  The Greyhound walking with us did the same!  The pub was called the Black Lion and I loved it.  My master had to step over a dog to get in the door and the landlord's Lurcher immediately came over to say hello.  There were so many dogs in the bar that I did not know what to sniff first.  It was a bit much for me in the end and I sat on my master's lap with my feet on the table.  We finished off the evening sitting on a park bench eating fish and chips.  Then back to the hotel for a beer (for my master) and a wander around the bar for me.

Wed 18 Aug.   Today started well as the boss of The Crown (Susan) was on reception, with Buttons.  We said hello, but Buttons growled at me and was sent to her bed in disgrace.  So it's off the Crewe for a 'meeting'.  Now I remember this place, and the pond that I fell in last time - stay away from it this time.  All the team in the building was still friendly and they talked a lot about me falling in the pond last time.  I think that I got in trouble last time I was here so my master kept me on my lead all the time.  At one stage I got tied to a large battery to stop me wandering off - no problem, I just went to sleep.  Coming home in the car, I just slept all the way - it's great being a dog.  It's nice going away with my master but I do like my home.  My first job was to lie in my bed, just to make sure it was still there.

Thur 19 Aug.   Bath night again!  My master was sneaky tonight, he just walked upstairs after my walk.  I followed him and only realised something was wrong when he went into the bathroom.  No time to hide behind the sofa so a bath it was.  Just wait until I find something smelly to roll in!

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Mon 13 Sep.   It's now Monday morning and the office seems very empty today.  My friend Sandie has gone on leave for 2 weeks, who will take me for a walk at lunchtime now?  Problem solved, Pauline and Roz have stepped into the breach.  The route is different and they do not walk as fast as Sandie but it is still great fun.

Tue 14 Sep.   Master gone to Crewe again, who cares?  I know that I still get taken into the office and everyone plays with me.  I suppose my master will come home tomorrow as usual.

Sun 19 Sep.   Just a quick note as I have been very busy, I will fill in the gaps later.  Made a real fool of myself this evening, I got stuck in a gate!  I tried to chase a rabbit out through the wrought iron gate to the courtyard and got stuck half way through.  I got my shoulders through but got stuck when my feet would not touch the floor.  So there I was like an idiot until one of my humans came and dragged me out.  How embarrassing for a little terrier, must make a mental note to reduce my waistline.  My humans were joking about having to call the fire brigade to get me out, now that would have been embarrassing!

Mon 27 Sep.  Master has gone to Crewe again - see above entry about trips to Crewe!


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