My Diary - Jan to Mar 2006

Happy New Year everyone.

I'm 10 years old this year.

I don't know exactly when  my birthday is so it's a good excuse to have a party at any time!


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Sun 1 Jan.   My master finished the shed today but I am still not allowed out in the garden while he is working – something about mud again.

Mon 2 Jan.   My master took Grandma home today.  That nice Grandma gave me a great big hug and some fuss – I like Grandma.

Sat 7 Jan.   Another fun day today.   My master started the day by taking down the Christmas lights outside the house.  When he is working outside I get to mooch around in the garden while he works.  I know he loves me but sometimes I think that I push my luck by being under his feet all the time.  I don’t know that standing at the bottom of a ladder is dangerous; all I care about is that my master is up there and I am waiting for him to come down.
Later in the day, my humans took down the Christmas decorations inside the house.  This was great fun and you can imagine how much chaos a little terrier can cause by getting tangled up in decorations, trees, lights and packaging!

Sun 8 Jan.   Today was a quiet day because my master was working inside the house.  But I can still be a pain by continuously demanding that he throws my ball.  I am not feeling very well but I don’t think that my humans have noticed yet.

Mon 9 Jan.   Went to work as normal today but I am still not very well.  The humans have noticed that I am a bit quiet and am off my food.  But they just think I am having one of my quiet times.

Tue 10 Jan.    I have been to hospital.  When my mistress picked me up from work today, Sandie told her that I kept running to the office door to pay an urgent visit.  I was very quiet in the evening and my mistress noticed that something was very wrong.  I was running to the garden all evening to be sick, and the other end as well!  At bed time, I ran into the garden again and my mistress noticed blood coming from my back end, so the vet was called.  I was taken straight to the vet and she thought I was a poorly little dog.  They put me the doggy hospital and I was given what they call a drip.

Wed 11 Jan.   My mistress rang the vet this morning to be told that I was a bit better.  They will try me with some food today and asked my mistress to ring back later.  When my mistress rang back, she was told that I was a lot better and she could come and pick me up after the vet have given me some more fluids.  When my mistress picked me up, I was so pleased to see her that even the staff in the vet were impressed by my wagging and ‘banana dog’.  The vet said that there were a lot of dogs in the area with the same problem – maybe there is a doggy bug going round? I am back home now with a bit of food inside me and my own bed to sleep in – bliss.

Thur 12 Jan.   My master came home this evening and gave me lots of love and cuddles.  I am still a bit quiet but brought my ball for a chase game.

Fri 13 Jan.   Vet again today, but for a routine eye check up.  My eyes were fine, if not working, but the vet gave me a thorough check up after my illness.  He said that I seemed OK but that my heart was a bit slow.  He though that might be because I am such a laid back dog.  But he did tell my humans to bring me back if I was sick again.

Fri 20 Jan.   An interesting day today.  My master had something called a skip delivered today; he says he is going to get rid of the demolished shed and piles of rubbish that I have in my garden.  That will be nice as I keep bumping into the piles of stuff because they keep moving around.  I wanted to stay home and play but I got taken to work as normal - spoil sports!  When I got home all the rubbish had gone but I bumped into something large and solid on the drive.  Is this what my humans call a skip?

Sat 21 Jan.   I have got my garden back now with everything in its proper place.  I know exactly where the plant pots are so that I do not bump into those.  In a way, I am disappointed that the rubbish has gone because it smelled of rats and I had lots of fun poking around in the piles looking for rats.  My master is working on his shed again today and I don't think I am very welcome around his feet, he keeps telling me to go away and take my ball with me.  Whilst my master was not looking I sneaked out through the gate and into Toby's garden next door.  I was looking for tennis balls but fell into their wildlife pond!  Luckily it is not very deep but it is very dirty and smelly!  The nice lady was in the garden and called to my master that I had fallen into the pond.  Then my mistress came home so she saw me before my master turned the hosepipe on me - COLD!

Mon 23 Jan.   Had to go to the vet a bit urgently today.  My humans noticed that my right eye had gone red inside.  The vet said that I was bleeding inside the eye so he gave me an injection and some eye drops.

Wed 25 Jan.  Back at the vets again to see how my eye was going on.  It is still full of blood but seems OK otherwise.  Come back next week!

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