My Diary - Jan to Mar 2005

Happy New Year to you all.  Winter is still here but Spring is not very far away.  I don't mind the cold but I hate this rain.

I don't care if my eyeballs do fry, I'm warm!


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January has been a fairly quiet month all round.  My little doggy routine carries on pretty much unchanged with going to work each day and playing with the lads.  Then it's home in the evening for a walk, some food and playing (again!).  Weekends are different as I get to go on long walks with my master and meet loads of doggy friends on these long walks. Sometimes I don't much like these walks when the weather is bad; cold I can cope with but I hate rain.  At least my humans have bought me a little green Barbour-style coat so my body stays dry.  My previous owner would be appalled at me wearing a coat but I don't care - at least green waxed cotton is entirely suitable for a little country dog.

I still miss Sandie at work and there is still no new Chief Clerk for me to make friends with.  My blankets are still under the Chief Clerk's desk and I sleep there in the hope that someone will work at the desk eventually.  Sometimes I just sit under the desk missing Sandie and dreaming of the crusts from her sandwiches at lunchtime.  At least the rest of the team is still good to me because the lads play with me and Pauline takes me for a walk most lunchtimes.


 A very quiet month on the doggy front again.  My little doggy routine continues as usual and so little has happened this month I will go through my normal weekday routine.

0630:  Family gets up and I am thrown off the bed.
0700:  Walkies - biscuit when I get back
0745:  Go to work with my master
0800:  Playtime starts – who will play with me today?
0930:  Sandwich van arrives – get biscuit
1200:  Walkies
1300:  Sandwich van arrives – get biscuit
1700:  Woken up to go home
1800:  FOOD
1830:  Walkies
1900:  Quick play then go to sleep
2230:  One lap of garden at full bark, just to tell everyone that this is my garden
2300:  Bed time

Weekends are different because my master does not go to work.  I get really long walk each day, where I meet my doggy friends.  Sometimes I get chased by the ponies on a Saturday because the footpath crosses their field and they do not like dogs!

16 February.  I got left on my own for most of today as my humans went to a funeral.  A good time to catch up on my sleep and be really happy when someone comes home.  I don’t think that I told you but my humans call it ‘banana dog’ when I am really pleased to see someone.  I bend in the middle and approach sideways with a waggy tail and happy face.  This is just before I lie on my back for a tummy rub.


 Another fairly quiet month on the doggy front.  At least my humans have been doing things so I have something to write about.

28 April.  Yes I know this is last month’s date but most of it happened this month.  My master went to a conference in Blackpool for 4 days.  I do miss him when he is away but I still get taken into work so I have my usual playmates during the day.  The only problem is that my mistress works part time so I get collected just after lunch.  Oh well, half a day’s play is better than being on your own.

12 March.  My master went to collect the caravan from the repairers today and brought it home.  This is great, I now have a caravan in the garden for me to play in.  I don’t think my master likes me running in and out of it – something about dirty paws!

15 March.  Master gone to Crewe again and he did not take me – again!  I like going to Crewe with him, must try and get him to take me next time.  The hotel always asks where I am and I love saying hello to the owner’s dog – Buttons.

Coming next month – my accident.

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