My Diary - Jan to Mar 2004

Goodbye to another year and I'm still enjoying myself in this home.

Let's see what 2004 has to bring?


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Thur 1 January.  So this is new year then?  My humans went out last night to celebrate New Year and left me home alone - good time to catch up on some sleep.  There were lots of fireworks and I hid behind the sofa for a while but soon got over it.  I don't know what happened to my humans last night but they were walking a bit funny when they got home, maybe they should try 4 legs.

Thur 8 January.   Not quite sure what is going on today, something about Broadband being installed.  My master stayed at home today and a nice man in a van came to play with the telephone wiring.  A nice man who gave me some fuss but I don't think he appreciated me trying to help when I explored his laptop computer whilst he was trying to 'test the line'.  This Broadband makes the Internet go faster, must take my National Computer Driving Licence then I would know what my humans are on about!

Thur 22 January.   One of my master's 'men' came round tonight to do something on the computer - something about this Broadband again!  I came to the study to help.  It's amazing how much disruption I can cause just by playing with my ball when the humans want to work in peace.  I won in the end and they both ended up throwing the ball down the landing for me - dog power!

Fri 23 January.   Two of my humans went out to a Burns Supper (whatever that is) tonight.  At least the junior member of the human pack stayed behind so I had someone to play with, when she got home from work.  When my master got home they were wobbly again and talked about haggis, whisky and some traditional dancing.

Tue 27 January.   It rained heavily today and my master went away to Crewe again.  The man on the television keeps on about arctic weather coming our way.  Maybe I can ignore it as he has been saying this for a few days now.

Wed 28 Jan.   When I went out for my morning walk today, the ground was white and cold - they tell me this is snow.  Maybe this is the artic weather they were on about?  My master tells me that he took 5 and a half hours to get back from Crewe because of the snow around Birmingham.  It was raining again when he got back so I don't see the problem.  He told me that his usual hotel near Crewe asked where I was, again.  I must go with him next time; I promise that I will stay out of the ornamental pond this time!

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Mon 2 February.   My master was sick today and didn't go to work.  He took me for my morning walk and then went back to bed.  I know when he is not well and cuddled up with him on the bed for comfort.  That didn't last long and I wanted to play for the rest of the morning.  I bet he wished that his wife had taken me into work, but I had a good day!

Sun 8 Feb.   Guess what, it's bath day again, eucchhh!

Mon 9 Feb.  My master packed his suitcase again today and disappeared to a place called Chester.  Something to do with presenting at a seminar.  This means that his wife takes me into work instead, but I only work part time mornings when this happens.

Wed 11 Feb.   My master came home tonight but packed his suitcase again, this time it's Cyprus so I'm told.  Lucky person, a few days relaxing in the sun!

Sun 15 Feb.   What a mixed day I have had today.  The long walks and the run around the local park were fun but frustration when I could not catch the coots.  They all laughed at me when I cried on the banks of the lake and would not go in the water - I don't like water.  Then I fell down a rabbit hole and hurt my front leg - I limped all the way home.  Then, to cap it all, I trod on a thorn in the evening and hurt my paw on the other front leg.  It's very difficult to limp on both front legs!

Tue 17 Feb.   My master came home today, boy was I glad to see him.  I ran out of the house, barking and wagging and nearly knocked him over when I hit his legs, even though I am only small.  He did complain though when I would not get our from under his feet as he was trying to get in through the door with his suitcases.  It's lovely to have him home and it's back to full time working tomorrow.  After I had greeted him, I put on my best limp, just to show that I had been hurt while he was away.  I overheard him saying that the weather in Cyprus had been bitterly cold with lots of rain and snow - serves him right for leaving me!

Sun 22 Feb.   After a very muddy walk, another bath!  I must stop getting muddy and rolling in smelly things as my humans don't seem to like it; they want to bath me when I do it.  What's wrong with fox poop and cow poop anyway, I think it smells lovely?

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Mon 8 Mar.   He's off again, this time it's Bournemouth.  At least this is only for one night so that's not too bad.  Only 2 days of part time working before he is back.

Long gap because I have been very busy.  I will fill in the gaps when my master gets a moment to help me.  I have difficulty logging on because my paws hit several keys at a time.


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