My Diary - Apr to Jun 2006

As we head into Spring, the little terrier is very content with life.

Here is a picture of me just after my bath.  Please, Dad, I need a clip!


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Wed 12 April.   I went on my holidays with my humans today.  We drove all the way up to Hull to see Grandma; a long drive but we terriers know how to cope with boredom - go to sleep.

Thur 13 April.   Went exploring in the field behind Grandma's house today.  I was a little unsure for a while because I cannot see where I am but I soon got the hang of things.  This must be a popular dog walking area as there are lots of interesting smells and sounds.  Didn't meet any dogs though, maybe another day.  I have now learned Grandma's house and do not bump into things quite so often.  Grandma keeps closing doors which gives me a problem as I cannot see that the door is closed - bump.

Fri 14 April.   More walks and playing today.  My master was busy so my mistress took me on a long walk down to the pond in the park.  She kept me on my lead so that I did not fall in the water.  Last time I was here I paddled a bit to try and get at the birds - who said 'swim' that's not a terrier thing?!  I found a Spaniel in the filed that was really soft and I chased it off!

Sat 15 Apr.   Lots of play and walks again today.  In the field, I got mobbed by loads of other dogs.  They were all very nice and I only growled at them a bit - it's frightening when you cannot see what is going on.  My master bought me a new collar because he thought my old one was looking a bit tatty.  It's taken me 2 years to get that collar comfortable!  My new collar is red and has studs, because I am 'hard'.

Sun 16 April.   We came home today and brought grandma with us.  At least I wasn't so bored on the journey and cuddled up to Grandma most of the way.  My humans had sandwiches for lunch and I managed to scrounge some meat from their sandwiches - yum.

Tue 25 April.  Vet again today.  I am still doing alright and he is pleased with my eyes.  Keep taking the tablets and drops!


Fri 19 May.   My humans went to a 'Guest Night' in the Officers' Mess tonight.  I played with Julie for a while and then went to sleep.  My humans woke me up when they came in very late, and  bit wobbly.  But I don't mind, I am always pleased to see my humans.

Tue 23 May.   Vet again!

Sat 27 May.   This is what my humans call a Bank Holiday weekend.  They didn't do much though, other than work in the garden.  But even that is fun for a little terrier as you can get their attention by dropping your ball into the hole that they are digging and putting your head right in the way of the spade.  Risky move but it gets you noticed and they have to throw the ball!


Tue 13 Jun.   My master had his annual fitness test today - no problem.  Must be all this playing with me that keeps him fit?

Mon 19 Jun.   I had an appointment with my hairdresser today - Annie's Dogs.  A good clip although my head might be a bit short.  It's very difficult to get the length right and preserve my character without making me look like a Westie.

Thur 22 Jun.   Routine visit to the vet again.  I am still doing OK, but my eyes still do not work.  Never mind, at least I have my eyeballs so I still look cute.

Sun 25 Jun.   My master got up very early today to go to the airport.  He was going to a place called Cyprus for the week.  He says it is work but I know that Cyprus is a holiday Island!  Hope that he brings me back something nice.


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