My Diary - Apr to Jun 2005

At last, Spring is here.  Shame the weather has not improved.  I had an accident this month and my eyesight is not very good now.

My diary might be a bit short as I cannot see the screen very well.


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 An eventful month as I had an accident which nearly blinded me.

2 April.  My normal game whilst my master is cutting the grass went wrong today and I got hurt.  My master will not play with me when he is cutting the grass because he says it is dangerous.  But I have discovered that if I drop my ball right in front of the grass cutter, he has to stop and kick the ball out of the way – gives me chance to chase it.  This time it went wrong because my master got a really good kick of the ball and I ran into its path.  It is a very hard ball and it hit me on the head, just behind my left ear.  It really hurt; I yelped and went to hide in the daffodils.

3 April.   I think that my humans are starting to suspect that I cannot see very well.  They throw the ball but I cannot see it and still wait for it to be thrown.  Let’s wait to see if things improve.

4 April.   Back to work and a day of play.  Now I really do have problems because I cannot see the ball when the lads kick it for me.  This game is becoming a bit of a waste of time.  The lads asked my master if something had happened to me over the weekend so he now knows that there is something wrong and I am booked into the vet tomorrow.

5 April.   My trip to the vet revealed a problem, my eyes do not ‘look right’.  The vet was not an eye specialist but had such concerns that I was booked to see the doggy eye specialist in a week’s time.  Oh, and I was given steroids to help me heal.  I am very quiet at the moment because I don’t know what is going on.

12 April.   The eye specialist has found my problem, the lenses in my eyes have fallen off.  The nice vet said that my problem is called lens luxation and is common in Jack Russell terriers.  This problem normally occurs at about 3 to 4 years of age; I am 9 years old so have done quite well.  If there are any Jack Russells reading this, make sure that your humans get your eyes checked regularly and go to the vet immediately if you think you have eye problems or your eyes 'do not look right'.  My problem was described as ‘bipolar posterior lens luxation’, translates to both my lenses are lying in the bottom of my eyeballs!  The vet was concerned about damage to one of my optic nerves so I stay on the steroids and have eye drops for glaucoma – reduces the pressure in my eyes.  No rough play and come back in 2 weeks.

I am very lucky because the lenses are in the back of my eyes.  I am told that the lenses often go forward which can lead to blindness within 72 hours if not treated by an operation.  My master has found out that a colleague at work with has a Jack Russell terrier with exactly the same problem, only one of his lenses went forward and had to be operated on.  Strangely enough, we are both seeing the same doggy eye specialist.

24 April.   I am starting to adapt to my situation and have started running around again.  Today I ran into a large piece of garden furniture at full speed – that hurt!  But a yelp made me feel better and I carried on running around and playing.  Maybe I should slow down a bit, but why, I am a terrier?

26 April.   Second visit to the eye specialist and he is delighted with my progress.  The lenses are stable in the bottom of my eyeballs, the inflammation has gone down and I can see out of both eyes.  I must continue on my eye drops until further notice to stop the lenses moving.  As long as the lenses stay where they are, I am OK.  The eye specialist, Mr Burden, accused me of being ‘a bit crazy’ as I had run into a large plant pot on last night’s bark and had a muddy streak down my left side.  He thinks that one eye has been damaged for quite some time and I have been running on one clear eye for a little while.  Possibly the bang on the head dislodged the other lens which is when my humans noticed that I had a problem.  I really must slow down - but why, see comment above.  I will come back to see Mr Burden again in a month’s time.

I might be able to see but I cannot focus properly, this could be a problem for rabbit and ball chasing!  Evidently dogs get on quite well without lenses in their eyes as we are not so reliant on eyesight as humans – we use our noses and ears more.  My master has learned that if he bounces the ball in front of my nose, I have a start point for the chase.  I still lose sight of the ball on occasion but enjoy myself searching for it before I bring it back. 

I am a lot brighter now and am almost back to normal.  My cheery little personality has come back to the surface and play is back on the menu.  The lads are still frightened to play with me in case I get kicked in the head or hit with the ball (again) and damage my eyes further.  This is frustrating as I don’t care, I just want to play.

The only downside at the moment is lack of treats.  Since I have been on steroids, I have put on loads of weight; I have put on 1 kg in a month!  Now everyone in the office is banned from giving me tit bits so scrounging in a frustrating experience.  At least I am still allowed my biscuits from the sandwich van – partial success.  I have nearly finished my course of steroids so I must lose some weight before I am allowed tit bits again!  My master says that I look like a little barrel on legs.

30 April.   This is what my humans call a Bank Holiday weekend which means that my master has 3 days off work.  It can be a bit boring being at home but not this weekend - grandma came to stay.  I like grandma, she plays with me a lot.  Also she is a bit old so I can tease her with not giving her the ball.  What's all this 'drop' and 'leave' stuff, I'm a terrier and it's my ball.

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I read in the newspaper, over my master's shoulder, that this is a blog, I thought I was just keeping a diary.  But no, keeping your diary on a website is called 'blogging'.  Oh well, another thing to add to my list of talents.

May was a generally quiet month with not a lot going on.  There are 2 new people in the office, something about a consortium (whatever that is); they are called Peter and Paul.  I have made friends with both of them as they play with me.  Paul is my best friend because he takes me outside to play whenever he goes to talk 'privately' outside the office.  He is learning to throw the ball so that I stand a chance of chasing it.  He bounces it in front of my nose and I follow it by sound and smell - curse these dodgy eyes!

18 May.   Something is going on with my humans and I am not quite sure what they are up to.  They have been to something called an estate agent and are looking at houses.  What does 'moving house' mean?  They looked at a house today but did not like it, it was right on a main road.  I'm glad they did not like it because I do not like traffic, I am a country dog.

20 May.   My master and mistress went to something called a ladies' guest night today.  They get dressed in their posh clothes and come back very late and a bit wobbly.  I think that they must enjoy these guest nights as they keep going to them.

21 May.   My humans were off looking at houses again today.  A bit sad really because my mistress was still a bit wobbly after the night before.  They came back rather pleased with themselves and thought that they had found their new house.  It is only 1 mile down the road so maybe not much will change for me.

24 May.   I went to the vets today - TWICE!  I went to see my eye specialist, Mr Burden, in the morning.  He was delighted with my progress because my eyes are clear and my lenses are stable in the bottom of my eyes. Also my 'pressures' are normal.  Is that why he pokes me in the eye every time I visit?  I do not have to come back for 3 months but my master has to continue putting drops in my eyes every night.  I don't really like the eye drops but the chocolate drops afterwards are great.  In the afternoon I  had my annual check-up - the vet stuck a needle in me again!  I am still in good health but need to loose a bit of weight.  I have lost a lot of weight since my steroids but am still a bit chubby - stop the treats and run around a bit more.27 May.   My master went to grandma's for the weekend and he did not take me with him!  Still I had a good weekend with just 'the women' around.

Sun 29 May.   A very funny walk this morning.  We went a different route and called in at a house that I do not recognise.  My master wanted to know some information about the house, maybe this is the one that we are buying?

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June was a very quiet month from the doggy perspective.  I don't think my humans had such a quiet month as this house buying thing seems to be getting to them.  At least they still play with me and tell me all their troubles.  Good job that I cannot talk!

11 June.   My master went to a committee meeting today and did not take me.  This is not fair because Holly the Collie often goes to these committee meeting and I like her.

24 Jun.   My master had another one of his functions today.  The difference is that this was at lunchtime - no chance of play this evening then.


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