My Diary - Apr to Jun 2004

The second quarter of the year and the weather is starting to get better.

The flowers are out in the garden and the bees are busy.  I love chasing bees.


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Long gap because I have been very busy.  I will fill in the gaps when my master gets a moment to help me.  I have difficulty logging on because my paws hit several keys at a time.

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Mon 3 May.   While I have a minute I will tell you what happened today.  We went on a trip to an Iron Age Hill Fort at Bratton Camp near Westbury.  Lovely open country with hills to run up and down and loads of new dogs to meet.  There was also a white horse carved in the hillside, didn't look much like a horse from this close to the ground and it certainly did not smell like a horse.  There were also strange birds flying around.  My humans said things like 'Hang Gliders' and 'Paragliders' whatever they are - they looked like big birds to me.

Sunday 9 May.   Rounded off my Sunday walk with a fight today.  A great big German Shepherd went for me, big bully, but I beat it.  I grabbed it by the throat, it yelped, put its tail down and ran away.  Obviously it has never dealt with a terrier before - the bigger they are...!  My master was furious with me, he told me off about being brave to the point of stupidity and said that it would cost a lot of money at the vet's to have me repaired.  Who cares, sometimes a terrier has to do what a terrier has to do?

Monday 10 May.   Went to the vet's today for my annual check up.  The vet said that I was in good condition and had very clean teeth.  Evidently terriers suffer from dirty teeth, must be that chewy bone that keeps my teeth clean.  I have put on some weight and will be on a diet when I get home.  They stuck a needle in me as well!

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Another long gap.  So much has happened with no time to write about it.


Sunday 13 Jun.   My master is off on his travels again, it's London this time.  Something about a course on Active Directory, not got a clue what they are on about.  At least my humans have solved the part time working so I work full time when my master is away.  I get taken to work by my mistress and Dave brings me home in the evening.

Wednesday 16 Jun.   Fun and games at work today.  Pauline took me for a walk on site and left me off my lead.  Rabbits under the Portacabin, here we come!  But they started shooting nearby while I was under the Portacabin and I ran back to the office.  Poor Pauline, she thought that she had lost me and rang the office to see if I was back.  Dave found me sitting outside the door waiting to be let back in.  The guns frightened me a lot and I would not come out from under a desk all afternoon.

Thursday 17 Jun.   My master came home tonight and I was so glad to see him.  Trouble is I tried to do all my submissive acts at once and ended up in an undignified heap at his feet.  He still gave me lots of fuss though.  But then my humans went out again, something about a cocktail party.

Friday 18 Jun.   The boss went back to London today, but said that he would be back that evening - he was.

Saturday 19 Jun.   Life seems normal today for a change.  But there is something going on as my master is spending a lot of time on the telephone and there is talk of father and very ill; I wonder what is going on.  There were fireworks tonight and I was so frightened that I hid under Julie's bed.  She left her bedroom door open when she went to bed so I sneaked out in the night and got onto my master's bed - and got away with it.

Sunday 20 Jun.   My master left very early today.  It was so early that I only opened one eye, and went straight back to sleep.

Monday 21 Jun.   My master can home today and seemed a bit sad.  Something about father being seriously ill.  I wonder what a father is?

Tuesday 22 Jun.   My master is very upset tonight.  He got a phone call and was told that his father has terminal cancer.  I wish I knew what they were talking about but he is very upset.  I will give him lots of fuss tonight because I know that this makes him feel better.


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