My Diary - 2009

I am now 13 years old, that makes me in my 90s in human years.  I still enjoy my life but can now catch rabbits and go ratting only in my sleep.

I am getting a bit old an doddery and like to sleep a lot but still play ball whenever I can.

Here I am in the bin, there must be something in here that I can eat?


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Fri 2 October.   My boss went to a Business link presentation today at Swindon Town Football Club and came back full of the delights of websites.  Do I care, no, I was asleep in the lounge whilst he was away.  Watch this space for more revelations as he tells me what went on and what he learned.

Fri 30 Oct.  Had a wrecking day today and I don't think my master is very pleased with me.  He has a piece of foam ru8bber under the bass speaker in his study and I thought it would be fun to pull it out and rip it to shreds.  Click here to see a picture of me amongst the debris.  As if that wasn't enough, my master had just emptied the shredder.  I put my ball in a bag of paper shreddings and had great fun getting it back again.  Click here to see a picture of the mess.

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